4 thoughts on “The Eastern Queen – Ilford

  1. There’s been an auteur outbreak since John had his new camera, a visual palimpsest, a warring discourse with the dialogue. And now split screen. I’ve never been to Ilford but it feels like Blowup meets The Partridge Family, suburbia by Arthur Machen. Pan behind municipal shrubbery.

    I almost want to visit.

  2. Thanks very much for the comments Col – flattered indeed by the first. Funnily enough both references came up in last two walks but cut from the pod – Blow Up whilst walking along the southern outfall and Machen when we were in Grays Inn Road (not far from his old gaff).

    • The first was meant as a compliment, I just felt it could be misconstrued as a sly dig which is why I qualified it and in doing so, missed my mark. The synonymous nature of anything visionary or, heaven forbid, romantic in this literal, roundheaded, country with ‘whimsy’ is so endemic one sometimes hesitates to say anything at all.

      You’ll be aware of ‘This Enchanted Isle’ by Peter Woodcock, a splendid trawl of Britain’s largely abandoned visionary impulse? Your stuff seems to fit squarely in that mould and more power to you for pursuing it.

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