This is possibly Nick’s finest hour (even with the hat on). A great Newsnight feature about Deep Topography and psychogeography including interviews with Iain Sinclair, Will Self, Russell Brand and Richard Mabey.

Have a listen to this episode for more about Nick’s book Scarp. And you can now watch the full length version of The London Perambulator online.

9 thoughts on “Nick on Newsnight feature about deep topography

  1. Well done for registering on the national panoscope, it was a warm and balanced appraisal for a big broadcaster. Looking forward to the book Nick.

  2. Thanks Col. I don’t mind admitting that I was quite intimidated by the presence of Beeb personel and their expectations of me. In my view I utterly failed to let rip on what really concerns me: dragonfly aliens looking through my eyes as I mutter to myself amidst mad twistings of willows, shitty suburbs, ant mounds sending auric tentacles out into deep space …

  3. Congratulations! A very fitting end of the series. I enjoyed it very much. Of course I again hope you will continue with the series sometimes in the future. Could I make a suggestion? I would be interested in a “guide” or “instruction” to doing this in your own city. How do you become the local “deep topographer” in your local area? I’m already busy doing this, but I would like to contrast my practice with your practice.

    • That is a fine question that hopefully Nick will answer – I would guess though that he might say that Deep Topography is not programmatic in the way that psychogeography is (or at least was hoped to be) rather that it’s intensely personal. This was what came through when I made London Perambulator anyhow.
      Nick always talks of each area having its own ‘deep topographer’, uair01, you seem to go someway to proving his suspicion correct.

  4. Nick is a one off but anyone who navigates a small area and uses hyper-particularities to open out a discourse on, say, vernacular exotica might call themselves a ‘deep topographer’.
    I don’t like the label but in the absence of a better one and the fact it resonates with what Nick does it seems fair enough. ‘Deep’ has accusatory connotations (the ironic use of ‘deep and meaningful’) which I assume Nick understands and re-juxtaposes. Richard Mabey was a little grudging on nomenclature but as I admire his schtick I won’t hold that against him.

    As society has embraced the shallow and meaningless I’m for anyone advocating vision and depth. People have had enough of media hegemony and digital abundance and NP’s chap books are a timely reminder there are other ways of seeing and witnessing. Just an opinion, like.

  5. I’ve got no problem with Mabey’s comment. If I had his knowledge of flora and fauna I would probably be a naturalist. I think the distinction between his notions and ours is partly generational and partly down to a radically enlarged sense of the preeminance of interiority, perhaps informed by psychedelic drugs, either actual or through some sort of osmotic cultural transference, so their impact has altered the framework within which perceptions of place are made. Or something like that.

    • Apparently George Harrison once said that everywhere is somewhere. Please don’t be jealous of us London walkers: we are hemmed in by cultural commentaries on our landscape that occlude rather than reveal. Good luck with your project.

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